3 Underrated Ways to Make an Impressive Wedding Program

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We cannot emphasize enough the importance of having an impressive wedding program to guide your guests during your ceremony and reception. Besides the fact that it provides them with all the additional information they need, in order to be involved as much as possible during your celebration – it is also a great way to add a little detail for your wedding.

This little detail makes such a significant difference on your special day. This is why choosing someone who can design and print it for you in the most spectacular way makes all the difference. Don't worry! Even if you have no clue on how to create one, you'll be in good hands with our designing and printing services. Nonetheless, here are three underrated ways to make an impressive wedding program just for you, plus some valuable wedding program tips you can use!

  1. Choosing an intricate design for your program

Besides what is written, one of the first things that people will notice is the style and design of your wedding program. We make sure to provide as much elegance as possible, but our artists do acknowledge that beauty is subjective, so we are giving you as many options as possible with our intricate collection of programs you can choose from.

One of the best wedding program tips you can use is to look for a readymade one and work from there. Here are some of our most sought designs:

The subtle details of this printed program are perfect for couples who want to keep it subtle and cozy. 

If you want to show elegance and class, opting for the aesthetic of this program in print is highly recommended.

Roses and romance are often interchangeable as both can send the same meaning. You can't get wrong using them for your big day's program.

What's a celebration without some colorful flowers? We incorporated the festive feeling of celebrating your love into our programs by using vibrant colors.

Keep it dreamy and magical with this watercolored printed program. Its pleasant aesthetic makes it one of the bestsellers.

The soothing cool blue hue makes your wedding look and feel grand and elegant.

Another thing you need to consider during your wedding planning tips is the graphics, colors, and font. Although each program is styled that way, you have the freedom to choose the font and color.

  1. Personalizing your wedding program

Your special day should show your personality as a couple. Just by looking at the style of your program, your guests should be able to tell that it is your wedding day that they are attending.

This is why, besides having the opportunity to choose the style of the program, the provision for customization is also a feature that most couples love. Since we also believe that it is more than just a piece of paper with a detailed description of your planned ceremony, every product we have can be customized. 

  1. Printing on high-quality paper

Paying attention to the quality of the material is essential to have an impressive wedding program. The goal is to make sure that it is sturdy enough to stand the test of time. After all, once you've sealed your love with a kiss and lived happily ever after, you would want to have your program as a memento of your big day. 

To attain this, talk about the kind of material you would use during your wedding planning. During this time, you will have an idea of which style works for specific material to create and turn your dream program into a reality. 

Here are the best types of paper we are using to create an impressive wedding program that will fit you best:

  • Vanilla

This high-quality premium matte material with off-white color is perfect to use for different styles. It also ensures that it doesn't affect the color of your illustrations which makes it even better.

  • Satin

The texture of this material has a shiny coated finish which makes colors look sharp and vivid. Although it has a similar feature to glossy ones, it doesn't reflect too much light on its surface.

  • Velvet

Aside from the touch of elegance that this material exudes, the velvet feel also adds a protective layer that makes your print long-lasting with a delicate feel.

  • Gatsby

You can create a chic vintage vibe by using this material. Besides that, the uniqueness of this type will make your program stand out.

Another thing that is often neglected during wedding planning is what kind of printing you want for your program. Here are some of the techniques in printing that you should consider

  • Thermography

With the use of a special powder and finished off with heat, you get to have a slightly raised text effect.

  • Engraving

This is a classic and more sophisticated way to get raised letter. In this technique, the material is placed in the middle of an inked plate and a metal plate where the text is embossed upward from the underside of the card. 

  • Letterpress

Letter pressing is an intricate way of getting raised letters by combining a classic and modern style. The text and graphics are put into thick (board) paper with a metal plate for texture in this technique. 

  • Embossing

A technique similar to engraving except that for the embossed ones, the text or graphics remain colorless.

  • Foil Stamping

This trending technique can make your program shine with its metallic foil pressed onto your material. You can choose from different foils such as gold, silver, or rose gold for that added luxurious effect.

  • Digital

The digital technique is still one of the most trusted ways of printing your program. With the use of a high-quality printer, you can create a beautifully printed program that will impress your guests.

We hope that these wedding program tips for creating the program of your dreams have helped you in any way. For some samples of our impressive wedding programs, you may head to our website to request a free sample kit!

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