5 Ways to Create Unique Wedding Program Ideas

As you plan your special day, amidst all the chaos of choosing your bridal dress down to your cake, there is an important detail often neglected by couples – creating a unique wedding program for your big day. We highly recommend having the time during your wedding planning to think about how you want the entire day to happen. 

Wedding Program Ideas

Besides that, deciding how to present it to your guests is also essential. Picking out the design, print, and kind of paper to use for your wedding program can be overwhelming, but you don't have to do it on your own. Just tell us the flow of your big day, and we will help you create the most aesthetic way to show it. But first, here are five ways to make a unique wedding program in a way that you will be proud to present to your guests while fitting the style of your most important day.

1. Matching your wedding program to your theme

If you already have a theme for your day, it only makes sense that your program follows the same style. In this way, it will produce a more cohesive and balanced look for your entire celebration.

In addition to that, you may also go for a design that will complement your theme. Depending on your taste, you can choose from modern and minimal to detailed and illustrated. You get to choose from a wide variety of options.

There are also a lot of art forms to present your program. The option is unlimited from the traditional print form to a more helpful fan form. As long as it makes your big day even more beautiful and reflects more about you as a couple, then you can choose whatever you want. Here are some types of programs you may use:

  • Fan Programs

Are you planning to have a summer celebration of love? If so, having a handheld fan with your program in it will be a practical and pretty option for you.

  • Newspaper Programs

A newspaper-style program is not just one-of-kind. It also provides a vintage vibe to your theme. Have your program printed on parchment paper for that added effect. Plus, you can frame one so you can have something to use to look back on your special day.

  • Tri-Fold Programs

These three evenly sized brochure-style panels are simple in design and make it easier for your guests to carry them throughout the entire ceremony and reception.

  • Double-Sided Programs

This double-sided program is another lovely yet straightforward style that can accommodate most of your preferred graphics. Without a doubt, a two-sided program can provide a unique and creative program for you.

  • Foil-Pressed Programs

This kind of program can easily match any invitation while exuding a lot of elegance. This classic foil-pressed program can have a golden or silver foil, depending on the customization you desire.

2. Including your "stats" to make it more seamless

Incorporating "stats" into your program adds more value to it than just being an added artistic paper. Since there is more focus on the details, your guest will surely appreciate the valuable information for them to indulge in your celebration of love fully.

You can have a simple layout with minimal graphics to avoid overcrowding and a step-by-step flow of what is in store for your guests. Such an example is this Leafy Pastel Program that we love. The magical watercolors and leafy greens were excellent in print which is much preferred by most couples. 

3. Turning your unique wedding program into a souvenir

Adding a souvenir during your wedding planning always sounds like a good idea. Couples would want to make everything as personal as possible to make tying the knot as memorable to their guests as it is to them. Turn it into something better by having a dual-purposed souvenir. 

You can add your image to your wedding program to make it more personal. This way, your guests can put it into a frame and use it as additional decor. Make sure it's done nicely, though, just like this Upbeat Program sample we made. We artistically included the couple's image by turning it into a sketch that matched the vibrant floral arch accent of the program.

4. Sharing a monogram or logo to make it more intimate

Creating a monogram or logo, that is meaningful for you as a couple, and incorporating it into your program will result in a unique wedding program that your guests will be drawn to. 

Besides the added element of intimacy for creating something that symbolizes your union, having a monogram or logo can also add a unifying touch to your souvenirs, decors, invitations, and programs. Take the time during your wedding planning to discuss how you want it to look. Maybe you like it as simple as "Just Got Married" or more dramatic with an actual logo using your initials or illustrations.

5. Listing your vows on the program as a reminder 

Vows are meant to be said from the heart, but sometimes, nerves can get in the way so that a bit of reminder won't hurt that much. Listing a summary point of your vow on your program is a pleasant way to have a backup if you blackout during your vows. In addition to that, you can keep a copy of this program so that you can have a lifetime reminder of the promises you made that day, leaving you accountable to keep them.

To keep them forever, your program should have a comforting vibe to it so that you can have it displayed in your home. We created the Mellow program to do just exactly that. The soft yellow backdrop and delicate florals can be seen in this program and are perfect for written documentation of your vow. 

We hope you find these five ways of creating a unique wedding program helpful. Let us be of assistance further by designing one for you! You can have a free sample kit of our most popular style to know which ones you like the best. 

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