How to plan an Indian wedding ceremony

Organizing a wedding can be such a daunting task. With so many factors to consider, sticking to a clear timeline can be challenging, even more so if you want to host a culture-rich Indian wedding ceremony that requires intricate planning. 

It can be overwhelming to think about all the details you must consider for your celebration. So, whether it's an intimate or grand ceremony, here's a guide on how to plan the ultimate event – it will allow your wedding preparations to unfold smoothly.

Set the date

The date is the first thing you should consider for an Indian wedding ceremony. Ultimately, you and your spouse have the final say as to when to host your wedding, but here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • If you want to have an outdoor celebration, checking the weather should be your top priority. To protect your guests from rain, consider hiring a tent or if temperatures are supposed to be high on the day, have some fans handy. This will ensure everyone is comfortable!
  • Do you want to follow the Muhurat or another date for your celebration? There's no harm in being traditional. Go ahead and ask your pandit or priest. They can recommend the best dates and even the exact time for you.
  • Do you have a specific theme you've been dreaming of? Think about the season as well!
  • Remember to list at least three dates to choose from so that you'll have options to consider if your venue is unavailable.

Map out your wedding timeline

It is always best to create a schedule of when things should be done. It makes everything run smoothly! When you have a timeline to follow, you won't be stressed thinking about what you should prioritize first.

Determine the number of guests

This can be a highly analytical process. As much as you want to invite everyone you know, it's just not possible. It is best to start by having separate lists for the bride and groom's sides and work through both lists together to determine who to invite.

We will add that virtual weddings are here to stay. You can always send those not included in the final list to your virtual celebration and live stream your meaningful moments.

Pick a venue

Now that you've established your guest count choosing your venue comes next. Whether you want a destination wedding or a local one, choosing the right venue will depend on how you envision your  Indian wedding ceremony. 

So, pick one that you love and make your dream celebration a reality!

Set a theme for your celebration

A theme-based wedding celebration sets the decor, color scheme, and even the outfits of your guests. Whether you're opting for a Rajasthani wedding theme or a more classic one, the theme should reflect your personality as a couple.

Choose your preferred wedding programs

Having wedding programs for your guests is a lovely, personal touch and helps them be more present during your celebration. The best part is that you can personalize your own with our Luxe offering. You can fully customize your order during the one-hour design consultation; we also offer unlimited revisions and worldwide shipping. Now, you and your guests will have a great souvenir that will remind them of everything that happened on your special day.

Enjoy the process!

Savor every moment of your momentous day, and remember that your love for each other is what matters the most!

If you need help with your wedding program, book a free consultation so we can start customizing one for your Indian wedding ceremony! Try our FREE sample to have a taste of what our finest bespoke designs offer.

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