Indian wedding program ideas

Your big celebration deserves to be perfect, and you should have every tiny detail emulate how memorable your wedding is. So when it comes to your Indian wedding program, we've detailed five of the best ways to design your program to fit your event! 

These wedding program ideas will match your other event details for a more cohesive and unforgettable day!

An Infographic Program

If your aim is to keep your guests aware of all the different details of what is happening on your special day, an infographic program will help you achieve just that. The efficiency of such a presentation without having an overwhelming amount of text will make it easier for everyone to follow. 

With our Luxe offering, you can fully customize your wedding program precisely how you want to. Otherwise, we do offer 100% customizable text, icons and colors on our signature wedding programs available on our shop!

Follow The Latest Trends

Do you find the existing Indian wedding programs on the market too traditional for you? Do you feel constricted by the designs available currently and want to incorporate the latest trends instead? Maybe you wish to have a fine blend of timeless and contemporary? Don't worry! You can do exactly that. We offer a design experience called Luxe, where you can choose your very own custom details. So let us know where you want that agate accent and gold foil to be placed during our consultation, and we will make it happen for you!

Turn your Indian Wedding Program Into A Gift

One of the most underrated souvenirs you can give your guest is a wedding program. You can gift it in advance, so you don't have to think about it on the day. You can make it so much more special by adding a small gift. Why not put it in a box or a little bag with a theme that matches your entire celebration. 

Create a Multi-Purpose Program

Of all the multi-purpose wedding program ideas, attaching a traditional program to a wooden handle to create a fan is the best. It is perfect for an outdoor summer ceremony and will keep your guests cool throughout. Your guest will love you for it!

You can customize it to fit your theme. And you won't have to worry if it matches because if you choose our Luxe service, you will have a one-hour design consultation with our designer to bring your vision to life. Not to mention that you'll also get unlimited revisions, so you can rest assured the programs will look perfect on the day.

Double-sided Suite

Printing double-sided programs will give you enough room to share every detail you want without looking like you tried to squeeze everything onto a small space. Although we already offer double-sided printing with our signature wedding programs, we can provide the same with our Luxe offering but with so much more freedom on your end. Since we aim to create custom art pieces, we will make sure to be with you every step of the way and ensure creating your dream double-sided suite is fun and memorable.

We hope this has given you lots of inspiration on how to design your very own program. Let’s start working on your Indian wedding program today; all you need to do is book a free consultation with us!

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