The Ultimate Guide for getting your perfect wedding program

What To Include In A Wedding Program?

Want to ensure that your special day will flow as seamlessly as possible? Then creating a perfect wedding program will definitely help. Not only does it give you a clearer perspective of what to expect on your big day, but it is also an easier way to have your guests be involved in every part of your ceremony and reception. 

What is a wedding program?

First things first, let's define what a wedding program is – having a wedding program guide helps you and your guests know the different parts of your special day. Traditionally, it outlines the events and lists of all the participating individuals in your ceremony.

How do you know what to include?

During your wedding planning, you can ask for help from both of your families on finalizing the list of names that will have a special participation in your celebration. We highly suggest asking your officiant, priest, or pandits about the different parts of the ceremony so you can include it as well. It is essential to have these details added to your program to make everything look organized. Following are the things you need to take into consideration when creating one:

  • Outline Your Wedding Program Guide

Although you can include whatever you want since it is your day, after all, there are certain details that you absolutely wouldn't want to miss out adding. This is why it is crucial to make an outline or checklist to ensure that you include specific details that will be helpful to your guests. 

It is a must to include your names, the location of your celebration, and an outline of the different parts of your ceremony. Beyond that, you can add any other element you'd like to incorporate. From your groomsmen and bridesmaids to your officiant and readers, you can add whoever you think should be added to your program. 

  • List Your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

List all the members of your wedding party with the maid of honor and best man at the top. You can be a little extra by adding tiny illustrations or pictures of them, which they will surely love. It is also a brilliant way to express how much you appreciate them for being a part of your big day.

  • Make it More Meaningful
Although adding the names of the people participating in the ceremony is recommended, creating a perfect wedding program should entail more. It should provide more information than just a piece of paper with a bunch of names listed on it. You can do this by incorporating the meaning of any cultural traditions that you will have, or sharing the symbolic meaning of little details – such as choosing the venue because that's where you had your first date. 
Concisely sharing your love story can also add value to your program. Aside from that, it is also an excellent way for your guest to get to know you as a couple in case they have no idea how you two started together. 
  • Personalize Your Wedding Program Guide

In addition to being an excellent guide for your guest, this can also become a personalized souvenir. Consider adding your hashtag, pictures, and illustrations to make it more personal. Adding in a thank you for your guests will also be a sweet touch that will surely make them smile.

What is the process of creating a perfect wedding program?

Now that you have the details all sorted out during your wedding planning, getting it printed is the next thing to do. You don't have to stress out when it comes to this as you don't need to do it alone. Nonetheless, the following are the basic steps in creating one:

Step One: Find a vendor who will design and print it

Nowadays, it is easy to find vendors online who can create your program for you, but not everyone can provide high-end quality that your special day deserves. Couples should not worry about the hassle of designing and printing, which is the primary goal of Studio Ashh. Here are some of the traits you should be looking for in your vendor:

  • Must aim to impress you and your guests;
  • Must be willing to provide free samples;
  • Must have a simple ordering process;
  • Must have a dedicated designer;
  • Must have a fast turnaround time.

Step Two: Pick a design 

During your wedding planning, you probably have decided on your theme already. Everything should follow a certain style to create a unified look for your celebration, from decor and outfits to the quality and design of your program. Whichever you choose for the little details of your big day, we have many options designed by artists that can be personalized for you.

Whatever your theme is for your special day, the comforting vibe of this program will be perfect for it.

If you want to keep it classy and elegant, the aesthetic of this program will surely get the attention of your guests.

Keep it light and romantic with the evergreen style of this program.

Let your love radiate with this vibrant program that will feet your colorful floral arch. You can also add a sketched image of you both to make it personal.

The dreamy effect of this program's translucent and luminous watercolor style made it an easy favorite for most couples. 

Calm yet grand. This program's soothing cool blue hue is perfect for celebrations with a peaceful elegant vibe.

Step Three: Determine your preferred paper type

Aside from the style and illustrations of your program, another important factor in creating a program is choosing the right paper type to print the design. The material can have a vanilla, satin, velvet, and gatsby finish in creating a perfect wedding program. Depending on the print, you can include the material that matches it perfectly.

We hope this guide helps you create a program fit for your special day. You can also order a free Studio Ashh Sample Kit to feel what a perfect wedding program should be!

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