Wedding Programs DOs and DON’Ts

Wedding programs are a necessary guide and can be an additional fun detail to personalize your special day. Not forgetting that they can also be an excellent souvenir for your guests. If you're having trouble deciding exactly what should be included in your wedding program, below is a guide on what to add or avoid to make it a memorable one. 


Create a Roadmap

Your wedding program should serve as a guide that will help your guests follow along during your celebration of love. Everything should be included – from your first walk down the aisle to the after-party; so they won't miss out on anything. In addition, it also helps them feel more present in every moment. 

Like a roadmap, it is crucial to have all the essential details to serve its purpose. And with all the other wedding preparations to sort out, it can be challenging to remember everything. 

At Studio Ashh, we offer a Signature Sample Kit with an existing layout. Nonetheless, thanks to the help of our expert designers, you can create your very own program with our Luxe offering. Thus, giving you the freedom to choose the design you want, with an expert's guidance, so you won't miss out on anything important. 

Highlight the Wedding Party

Wedding programs don't just act as a timetable of your event – they are also a discreet and effective way to let people know the names and roles of your wedding party. Chances are, some members of your party will meet for the first time during the ceremony, and highlighting their names and roles during your celebration of love is a great conversation starter. It is also the best way for everyone to know who will be giving speeches at the reception. The bride and groom can choose to list all the important people they want to highlight, such as their parents, ceremony presider, flower girls, or ring bearer. 

Match Your Wedding Theme

Although your wedding program is another opportunity to show your creativity, ensure that it adds to your theme's overall look. Matching it to the whole vision of your special day will make it all the more memorable. Not sure how to achieve that? Fret not! You will have a dedicated designer who can work with you to bring your desired program to life. With a one-hour consultation included in our package, you can work together to create a design that will match your celebration. Plus, the unlimited revisions included in our Luxe offering guarantee only the best outcome for you. 


Forget to Double Check

Make sure to proofread the spellings of the names included in the program. You wouldn't want to upset anyone by misspelling their name. 

Overcrowd it with Info

Although wedding programs serve as a guide, they won't be that helpful to your guests if you include too much unnecessary information. Keeping it more concise makes them more effective. A professional designer knows how to make this happen.

Forget to Print Extras

You might have an exact number of guests in mind, but adding a few more won't hurt when it comes to printing your programs. And you'll never know who might end up needing one. Nonetheless, having a few extras can make a lovely keepsake when printed and framed. 

Book a free consultation with us if you want to learn more about the DOs and DON’Ts of wedding programs, and how can you elevate your program aesthetic with our Luxe offering!

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